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What are Pearls?

Pearls are created through a complex process called “reverse spherification”.

Simply put, we are able to create a sphere of thin gelatine that contains the liquid of a cocktail. Pearls burst with flavour when bitten into, creating a completely unique tasting experience.

What is the alcohol content of Pearls?

Each pearl is 2.5cm in diameter, holds 7mL of liquid and has an alcohol content of 15%. This equates to each pearl being 0.08 of 1 standard drink.

What flavours do you stock?

Currently stocked flavours are:

Gin & Tonic, Mexicana, Mojito, Ron Café and Vanilla Coco.

Can I buy Pearls for myself?

Unfortunately, Pearls are only currently available for wholesale to nightclubs, bars, and function catering. If you would like to purchase Pearls, please contact us here.